Our multivehicle heavy transporters ensure that the cost of repatriation is not as horrific as the old days. We believe it is far more economically viable to ‘bring ‘em home’ when stranded abroad. Sometimes the most innocuous fault can turn into an extortionate bill.

Losing control of escalating costs can be frustrating. We always advise to repatriate rather than lose the vehicle into a foreign workshop. Once stripped, watch the charges escalate and the gop become astronomical!

We have many experiences of this from handling breakdowns and dealing with roadside checks. The continent can be an unfriendly place when it comes to roadside checks. The local workshop gets involved and next thing the estimate for a few minor repairs comes out as the cost for making the vehicle or trailer as it was when it was new, the day it left the factory! The chain is only release when the estimate is accepted or when we arrive to repat the vehicle.

We will always give the best advice to suit the individual circumstances based on our vast experience. Use our quote page to get an idea of the cost if you are undecided which way to go.

We also move vehicles that cannot be legally driven and also when the owner just can’t be bothered to make the return journey! Ask for a quote now - any vehicle from any location!

Apart from our multilingual check sheets, we always photograph your vehicle on collection and delivery for added peace of mind. We are fully insured should the unthinkable happen!