Roadside checks, at either the UK ports or highways can be very frustrating. Often, a lack of swift information due to language issues of interpretation of what is required can lead to unnecessary delays.

We deal directly with officers on your behalf to try and achieve a speedy outcome.

We can arrange payments of fines immediately and repairs via our local agents.

We understand the need to act quickly in order to prevent vehicles/trailers being ‘cabled’ or to have them released ASAP.

VOSA’s job is to keep Britain’s roads safe. Sometimes truck operators can fall foul of them for minor incursions. Our role is to liaise with them swiftly and keep your vehicles rolling. Always contact us if your vehicle is stopped.

Most checkpoint staff know us and are aware we will endeavor to get our trucks back on the road ASAP.

By having us to liaise with we believe that they can be more willing to speed up the process of completing repairs, paying fines and releasing cables.